Friday, July 25, 2008

Sarah Rocks Dawson

Thursday, July 17 -Monday July 21

If you happened to be in Dawson that weekend the Sarah Crane sightings were plethoric. The bigger question is where couldn't you see Sarah? You might remember her from such events as bum rushing the show, carousing in the beer gardens, shmoozing with musicians and playing a little 21. And if you caught her on Saturday night you might ask yourself why did she throw the watermelon out the window...the reason: Sarah Crane is a Rockstar.

I pilfered these shots from another blog

That is Sarah walking towards the Palace Grand I am not sure which concert maybe Hayden

This is Sarah Crane in her Gum Rubbers (Alaskan Gum Rubbers to be exact which she pick up in Haines just to fit in) in the beer garden...Yes it was this mucky...if you look at the shadow you can tell that she is holding a beer (perhaps a traditional)

On another note this weekend I officially told Sarah I had a blog called then we both laughed, she thought I was joking but I wasn't..tee hee

Omelettes with bacon and cheese

Sarah had breakfast this morning, enjoying cow, chicken and pig products all at once. She also enjoys HP sauce, which is in fact quite tasty.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sarah at the airport

Sarah spotted at the Whitehorse International airport Monday around 2:45pm, having been called to drop off a video camera for the Premier's entourage on their way out of Whitehorse.
- Matt Clarke

Monday, July 14, 2008

Walking the Streets

13:04 SC spotted crossing Main Street heading south on 2nd Ave.
Wearing a lovely black skirt. Oblivious to me waving wildly to try and get her attention…

-Michelle King

coffee and knee scabs

Sun, July 13 - Spotted at the Bake (old backerii) drinking a latte... large raspberry like scab on right knee...maybe due to a fall from a bicycle the day before...might be from a drunkeen stupper hard to say.

SC mountain biking pro

Sat. July 12 - Spotted cycling the Ibex helmet, black capris, black and red shirt lots of mud...can only surmise not very good at balancing or mud fight...i am thinking the former.

Friday, July 11, 2008

SC hearts the sushi

12:30 SC spotted at the Sakura Sushi----She ordered a dynamite box...lots of shrimp...I think that she might really like shrimp...based on the speed of consumption...washed it down with green tea and some edamame....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lady wearing the colour black

S.C. spotted leaving the Main Admin Building at approximately 12:23pm...presumably going for lunch.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I saw Sarah at diner last night. She stopped by, left to coach basketball and returned around 9:30pm. She had some beer and then left to go to Coasters with two blond gentlemen who are old friends from Nova Scotia.

Rumour has it she'll be at Sakura Sushi today at noon.